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This guy that I was ‘dating’ back in January recently text me, sounds cliche I know. Any who, I deleted his number because he had led me on, was talking to  multiple other girls and then one day decided he didn’t like me anymore. Cameron knew about this guy because he was the one that comforted me when I felt like hell because of this douche, well when the douche was texting me he told me that he had “fallen for me”. That immediately pissed me off, because not only are Cameron and I now dating but douchebag and I haven’t spoken in almost 10 months; its also made me grateful though. It made me grateful because Cam isn’t the type of person who lies, hides his feelings, or tries to talk to multiple girls. He appreciates me for who I am and accepts me for how fucked up I am as well and it just makes me like him that much more. 

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